I currently am working as a Python Developer at Standard Chartered Bank, which is where my passion for design and development converge. I have almost 6 Years of development Experience. See my previous work history on LinkedIn. Outside of work I am a fitness enthusiast and a Yogi. Currently I am not accepting freelance work, but I’d love to get coffee and get to know you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Web Development involves Requirement Analysis, Architecture Design,  Project Planning and Execution. I am a Full Stack Developer and i have expertise in both Backend Development as well as front end (UI/UX) design and development, along with Packaging and Deployment of the project. Once the proper information architecture is in place.


I have 6 years of Web Development, IOT Firmware Development and Data Analysis Experience in Python. I have worked with many frameworks like Django, Tornado, Flask, Twisted etc. I also have a good hold on the libraries like Django Rest Framework, Pandas, Numpy, Celery, etc and can write high performance scalable asynchronous code in python. I also have experience in upgrading Frameworks.


Front End Development is building out the visual components of a website. Using HTML, CSS , and Javascript, I build fast, interactive websites.


While most of my attention is on interactive projects, I do technical trainings on python, and many other technologies from time to time. This includes providing interactive materials, Foundation level and advance level trainings, Code Reviews.