Python Lists, deep insight

This blog is about deep insight into the working of python lists. I am apologizing for the images I am putting into this blog. They are not my best work for sure. Lets get started. Let me explain about lists first. Everything in python is an object and kept in a heap of object. The … Continue reading Python Lists, deep insight


Write the RIGHT Code

I am writing this blog as an awareness for the developers to write good quality code. As a human being we all take care of good hygiene, cleanliness, good looks etc etc etc. So that we live longer healthier in a good way. So why do we write code so messed up that  the next person … Continue reading Write the RIGHT Code

Object Oriented Programming in Python

I present to you the playlist of OOP videos with everything you need to learn about Object Oriented Python programming. Let me know your feedback about this playlist. Contents: Class variable, methods & data member Abstraction Encapsulation/Interface Composition Inheritance/Derivation/Hierarchy MRO Generalization/Specialization Polymorphism Introspection/Reflection Magic Functions Built-in Functions Private/protected attributes. Delegation Metaclasses

Everything i know about Threads

I am going to cover a huge concept here. How python code executes  Multitasking Process based multitask (Multiprocessing) Thread based multitask (Multi-threading) GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) Green Thread Thread based programming is hard. There are no two ways about it. Every time one thinks he or she understands everything there is to know about how … Continue reading Everything i know about Threads

Access Specifiers/ Private-Protected in Python OOP

By default all methods and attributes in a python class are public. That means They can be accessed by the class members and by the module which contains it's import. There is no inbuilt syntax available for private, protected, friend, protected friend attribute in python, but you can do necessary changes to your variables to … Continue reading Access Specifiers/ Private-Protected in Python OOP

Lambda Expressions and Comprehensions

LAMBDA Lambda is an anonymous functions which will mainly help you in writing other single line functions. It's very powerful tool, and if you are able to harness it's power you can do things that other can't. Let me give you a brief idea about it. >>> a = lambda x, y: (x+y)*y -(x+y) >>> … Continue reading Lambda Expressions and Comprehensions

Map Reduce Filter Python

There are 3 unique functions defined in python to help the dev write some really good code. Mainly Map, Reduce & Filter. I will also discuss about Lambda and some other techniques in the next blogs. MAP It's a very special functions that maps a sequence to a method and create a new sequence. To be specific it takes … Continue reading Map Reduce Filter Python

Multiple Inheritance.. Beauty of Python

The beauty of python is unlike java it supports multiple inheritance. In python version 2.2 the algorithm was simple enough: a depth-first left-to-right search to obtain the attributes to use with derived class. Unlike other python algorithm that overrides names as they are found, multiple inheritance takes first name that is found. Because of this … Continue reading Multiple Inheritance.. Beauty of Python

Customized email with django

I struggled a lot for sending a good customized template in an email from my code. I used many email sending utility and i was able to send emails successfully from my code. But they didn't really look very good. It was just some email with some text in it. So Used one of the … Continue reading Customized email with django

Harness the Power of Python

Hi Everyone. I would like to introduce my Youtube channel named Code Box for better and good coding practice and learning. I have started uploading Videos to my channel. First Playlist is for getting started with python learning. I will me uploading 5 videos to the playlist and i am aiming to cover the following … Continue reading Harness the Power of Python